Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Good Definition of Stupidity in Real Estate

I really don't have time for b.s.  If you're a real buyer, you don't either.  I've covered this topic before, but I really hope that hitting the same topic again will hit at least a few Sellers and shake their thought process up.

Let's talk to the Sellers:

Dear Seller,

It is your responsibility to demonstrate that you have something of value to your proposed Buyer.  If you control it or own it, you should have no trouble providing any of the information needed for a prudent Buyer to evaluate your deal.  Asking us for a proof of funds before demonstrating value proves nothing to us.  It actually doesn't do anything for you either because if you don't have something of value to sell, then you won't sell it and all you'll have is a nice proof of funds.  Do you really think you'll have anything else if you don't have something of value?  If you do, then I suggest you go to Dr. Phil's website and ask to be on the show.


The Buyers

Now for some this may seem like a rant, but really it's not.  What it is, is a demonstration of reality and as such as reality check for those involved in this business.  If you don't have something good to sell, nobody will buy it, so stop asking for proof of funds before you demonstrate that value Mr / Mrs / Ms Seller.  Once you have an offer on the table, then you have a right to ask for a POF, but not ever before.

Now, I hope all of you Buyers and "REAL SELLERS" enjoyed that.

Until next time....

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