Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is this a Good or Bad Market Now in Real Estate? No Such Thing!

I speak to many people every day like most of you.  I often am asked, "Hey Alex, what do you think will happen in the market next year."...or, "Do you think the market has bottomed?"...or various similar questions.

My business partner, Nate Mack says it best when he says, "There is no such thing as a good or bad market, only good or bad investment strategies."

Let's face the reality of the situation and understand that we cannot predict the future.  We are not fortune tellers and thinking that we are can lead to trouble.  I do not preach things that I cannot back up with data.  That type of preaching is hypothesis and conjecture, but I prefer to work with facts because when it comes to investing, decision making using predictions is essentially gambling, and I don't gamble.  There is no need to take on that kind of risk!

What we can do is make intelligent and educated decisions on investments by weighing all the facts at hand and ensuring that we've done our due diligence.

As I've mentioned many times in the past, our objective at this point in the market cycle is to buy low enough that we can't get hurt.  By purchasing well below fair market value, we eliminate almost all risk.  You can never eliminate it completely, but by being very picky and intelligent, you can buy into investments that have tremendous upside.  Yes, some of you are going to say, well, that's all well and good but those deals are hard to find or even impossible to find.  And those of you would be right (for YOU)!  Remember, if you think you can, you can and if you think you can't, then can't!

Who ever said that type of deal would be easy to find?  Many people are skeptical that they can be found, but I'm here to tell you that we find them and we buy them and sell them.  

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