Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trust But Verify

Regardless of your political affiliation, Ronald Reagan nailed it with the three words, "Trust, but verify."

Throughout time, people will say this and say that.  They will also write this and write that in emails etc., and we as business people, must make judgments and decisions based on what other people are communicating.  

However, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that when people do say or write something, that during our course of doing business we need to verify what was communicated.  If we fail to verify, then we have no one to blame but ourselves if the outcome does not follow from what was communicated.

So, let's remember that we need to, "TRUST, BUT VERIFY" all the time and don't let things lapse for one minute, or it may cost us.

This applies to business and personal relationships equally.  

"Trust, but verify"....So simple, yet so powerful.  Make it a standard in your day to day activities.

Until next time......

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