Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unprecedented Opportunity Right in Front of Your Eyes

Hello friends!

As I sit here at the end of the day, I wanted to take a few minutes and write about the general state of the real estate markets in the United States.  There is absolutely so much opportunity, and money being made in various markets right now, yet there are many investors who are still sitting on their hands, putting their hard earned good money into long term marginal causes such as the stock market (unless you know exactly what you are doing), and into other low interest bearing investments that barely manage to better the inflation rate, or in some cases don't even beat inflation! (Why the heck would you bother)?  Why do these investors make these poor decisions for themselves and their families?  Only they can tell you the reasons.

Right now, there are many emerging real estate markets in the USA that have good, stable employment, and have tremendous cash flow, low vacancy rates and incredible upside for long term appreciation.  There are so many properties available that will give an investor not only great immediate cash flow, but instant equity.  Can you get instant equity when buying a stock????...not very likely unless you're in the "know".

There are banks literally begging to get rid of their REO's, and mortgage notes.  Owners who need cash fast and are motivated to sell their property are out there, and the government also has a tremendous load of foreclosed properties.  Many of these are as a result of the sub-prime meltdown and the climate for the disposal of these assets will likely continue in the masses for the next year to two years.  But this incredible window is short and those that see it will amass tremendous gains, while those that ignore this fact will be wondering what happened a few years from now and they will be saying, "I shoulda, woulda, coulda!" and kicking themselves.  For those investors who want to build their portfolios at a high speed, now is the time to be selective, cautious about where and what to invest in, but also to make the decisions to move forward.  Why keep money in an IRA or 401(k) earning little to no return??  You are able to invest in real estate among other things with your retirement money and excellent projects and deals are out there to be had if you know where to look not only for bargains, but for quality.

Now a brief for my Canadian friends....the Canadian dollar is effectively at par with the US dollar and prices are deflated compared to the ridiculously appreciating Canadian markets that have been in a sustained upswing in price for over 15 years and are vastly overdue for a downward correction.  Markets simply do not continue to rise without some correction.  We have an insured solution for Canadians as well as US and other world investors to invest in the United States.  I urge you to consider investing in the United States for these as well as many other reasons not mentioned here.  For further information on our insured solution, contact me directly at:  I'm very busy, but will respond personally to you to answer your questions.

If your investment dollars are sitting on the sidelines or are tied up in low return or negative return investments, talk to people that are not only in the market but are proficient and professional in their systematized approach to increasing wealth.  Deal with someone that you trust, whether it's us or someone else, but make a decision to do something with your investment dollars that is good for you.  You will be all the better for it in the long term.  Remember that Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."  Until next time.....Carpe Diem.

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