Friday, February 24, 2012

I Told You So Twice

Yesterday, February 23, 2012, we hear from the Bank of Canada that there is a raising of concern about a housing "correction" in Canada.

I pointed to this possibility in my blog in July, 2011 here:

and just a few days ago here:

The purpose of this is NOT to toot my own horn but to point out to folks that you have to look at what's going on around you and not wait until the media tells you so.  By that time, it's usually too late.  Anyone ever heard from the media: "The stock market went down today because and so....?"  Well, if it went down, that's already history and it's too late to take advantage of that information, isn't it?????  Well, you get my point, I'm sure.

Now is literally the best time in history to invest in United States real estate and I've been writing about this for a long time now, trying to reach out to those that don't believe it.  Canada for now, is in general a very risky proposition for real estate investment, and if the Bank of Canada is concerned....well, fellow investors, perhaps it's time that you should be concerned and do something about it as well?  For Canadians specifically and for my American friends who need a primer on their own market, please read my article from July, 2011 :  You'll find some very interesting facts there because charts and numbers don't lie.

Enjoy your day.

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