Friday, November 22, 2013

The Real Deal: How to Exceed 12% Annualized Return With Low Risk

For those that have an interest in low risk and high returns on investment (third party verifiable), I will detail below what we do:

As we move forward with our business, we steadily provide our investor partners with very strong (and notably very low risk) returns, never offering less than 12% annualized ROI.  Now, this level of return may appeal to some of you, but let me explain that these returns are based on very carefully selected acquisitions that limit risk to a very low level for our partners.  Contrary to the high risk stock market, where you can immediately lose money and the risk profile is very high in comparison, our focus is to only acquire assets at very low prices relative to current value to offer a risk profile that is very low.  We achieve this through a multi-pronged proprietary approach with our entire focus to minimize risk for our investor partners, while maximizing their returns.  There is absolutely no risk comparison between the general markets and what Almavesta Group Inc. does.  We offer a stronger, better investment solution because of our years of investment in systems that produce bona fide results.

We prove our results with 3rd party reports.  We are different and are transparent to sharing this information with our partners.  Integrity, transparency and a desire to exceed our partner's goals are of paramount concern.

Should you have an interest in learning more about how we can help you exceed your financial goals, you may contact me personally (Alek Musulin) at: or by dialing +1.888.799.7740 ext. 129.

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