Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unique Insurance Income on Real Estate Investments with AlmaVesta Group

Happy New Year!  By now hopefully you are settled into 2012 and all it has to offer.  The interesting part of this business is that one can look at all the negative news and get discouraged and swayed in the wrong direction.  Don't get me wrong here...the news on the surface is good to know, however, the underlying aspects of the news are in many cases skewed or disseminated in a way to invoke a reaction or lead you in the wrong direction.  Let's keep our heads straight and our goals in plain view at all times.

Let's face it, the Fed has been printing money so fast to maintain economic stimulus, that there is a very real risk of inflation, and a devaluation of the US dollar.  Will this happen for certain?  Nobody really knows for sure, however there is a risk for both.  Now, how to mitigate that risk?

We are focused on multi-family and commercial properties in the United States.  In the next two years, there will be a continuing substantial amount of foreclosures, and issues related to these types of properties..This means that for those of us that maintain clarity, there is tremendous opportunity!!

We have a rather unique method of tempering the inflation and US dollar risk in such properties (and yes, we should be looking at those issues as potentials in the next few years...are you?)  

Our approach is to provide for a completely transparent, third party transaction of acquiring properties to our investor partners, and in so doing, we not only acquire deeply discounted properties, but we have a unique insurance component that is included within the acquisition, so not only is there cash flow, appreciation due to value add modifications and/or rehab, but there is an insurance income component.  The insurance component is 150% of the acquisition price typically, to not only protect against inflation and possible currency devaluation, but also as an additional source of income.  How many companies out there are doing this for your hard earned dollar, and looking out for your best interest???  I would venture to say very, very, very few...I'm not tooting our horn here, just laying out a fact, and through us, you can do your own due diligence and find that we have tremendous projects right now, so don't miss out, learn more...

For those investors that are tired of losing money in the stock market or in bad investments or having their hard earned funds sitting on the sideline, please contact us for further information about how our program can not only meet but also exceed your financial goals in an escrow, third party format that will ensure that your funds are transparently invested where agreed and that the great returns you will receive are ensured to go back into your account.  

Now is the time to utilize your self-directed IRA or 401(k) for solid, verifiable returns through commercial properties throughout the strongest markets in the United States with AlmaVesta Group.  There are markets that are booming right now in the USA, so don't wait any us for further information and take charge of your investments now.

Call toll-free, 1-888-799-7740 ext. 129 and ask for Alex, or email us at: for further information.

All the best until next time...

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